In this article, I’m gonna be talking about the wonderful place that is the Sahara desert. There are only a few places on the earth that actually compare to the inside of the landscape that you will be seeing when you visit the Sahara desert. It runs roughly along Morocco and also its neighbours Algeria. The Sahara desert is also the worlds largest and hottest desert. In fact, Sahara actually covers an area that is roughly the size of the entire country of the United States of America. A lot of travellers actually visit Morocco specifically with an intention of venturing into the desert and also spending a couple of nights under the stars, because there is absolutely no pollution there.

Everything That You Will Need To Know About Visiting The Sahara Desert

A trip to this particular desert is definitely going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you should not miss out on. Over the years, a lot of people have asked so many questions about this place.

It is definitely a fair question to ask when you are visiting the largest desert in the world. The question is usually how you are going to go there and how you are going to get around. Well, you should be flying to Morocco and then, you should travel a long way into the desert with the help of a jeep.

Morocco is probably one of the most popular destinations for you to access the Sahara desert and, it is definitely a really nice place to visit. You can choose Air France, Qatar Airways, American, Turkish airlines, Air Europa and more. There is actually a direct flight from New York and it will take you around nine hours. There are some flights that could take more than 11 hours depending on where you are flying from. Whichever airline you are choosing, you will fly into Marrakech.

You should know that Morocco also has an amazing boss system that you will get to use so that you can get into the Sahara desert. But, you need to understand that it is a desert and you need both kinds of clothing. You need warm clothing for the night and we need normal and thin clothing for the mornings, which are actually scorching hot.

Everything That You Will Need To Know About Visiting The Sahara Desert

There is actually another option of visiting the Sahara desert if you travel through Egypt. It is probably possible that you would be visiting Egypt, because it is a very well-known location to visit a specially in Africa. You can fly with the help of Egypt airlines. You can also use Emirates or Lufthansa.

If we are talking about a direct flight from certain places in the US, like I mentioned above, it can take almost 12 hours.