I am somebody who absolutely loves travelling around the world. One of my main reasons for going to Morocco and also flying there is so that I can visit the Sahara desert. Well, there are actually hundreds of operators that offer desert touring that range from one or even three nights, but I wanted a more freer experience. I actually decided to book an offer that had a very good experience which I could get for around two nights. It was only around $100 in total. You can choose the tour that’s going to be just one night, but I don’t think that is enough. These dunes are much smaller but, if you go for the tour that’s going to take you three or four nights, they are going to take you to places that have really large dunes and these are really impressive ones.

Some Incredible Experiences In The Sahara Desert

The Sahara desert is actually really far away. It will take you a couple of days drive to get into the desert. Fortunately, there were some really fantastic and fascinating stops along the way. You will get to experience the culture there. You will also be visiting a UNESCO World Heritage site. It happens to be a traditional mud-brick city that is high in the Atlas Mountains. It is actually been featured in a lot of famous movies. It was included in the Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia as well.

After a very tiring 10 hours of driving around, we finally reached the hotel for the night and I completely passed out. The second day was actually quite better. We had really good food and we were finally getting into the desert. After we reached the start of the desert, you realise how hot it is and how dry it is. I highly suggest getting some sunscreen and moisturising your skin. I was finally in the desert around 6 PM. Might I suggest that the Sahara desert has really cold at night. I was absolutely blown away by how magical this place was. We were greeted by a couple of guides that was supposed to show off their half an hour ago, but then they started getting us, and they started taking us on the tour.

You even get to see some camels in the desert. For almost 2 hours, we rode deeper and deeper into the desert, and I realised that riding on a camel on a flat surface is a piece of cake but, riding on a camel on the dunes is going to be quite a nightmare. You should be ready for that. Riding on the camels is actually quite harder than it looks. I absolutely enjoyed the sunset at the end of the day.