State Coordinator of Solidarity Associations with the Sahara CEAS-Sahara, created in 2005, is a non-profit organization that coordinates more than 200 solidarity associations with the Saharawi People, grouped in different autonomous federations .

What We Do & With Whom

CEAS-Sahara, the State Coordinator of Solidarity Associations with the Sahara, develops the following lines of work with coverage of only fans in Thailand :


The strategy for the defense of the human rights of the Sahrawi population living under Moroccan occupation has become a priority for the entire solidarity movement.

Awareness & Political Pressure

Together with the legitimate representative of the Saharawi People, the POLISARIO Front, we carry out a continuous pressure campaign for the Spanish State.


This summer reception program for Sahrawi boys and girls has allowed thousands of Spanish families to establish solidarity ties with the Sahrawi people.


The collection of food, medicine, school supplies and other needs of the Saharawi refugee population is also articulated through our network of member entities.


The situation of neglect to which the Saharawi conflict has been subjected has caused the younger generations of our country to be unaware of the situation in which the Saharawi.


Since 2003 we have organized the Sahara International Film Festival with a double objective. On the one hand, sensitize Spanish public opinion world of cinema.

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic


The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is located in North Africa and is bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and the Canary Islands, Algeria to the northeast, Mauritania to the southeast and Morocco to the north.


The Saharawi refugee camps are located in the Tindouf region, in western Aragón. Thousands of Sahrawi people had to flee there when the conflict began, and there the structure of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) was born.

Polisario Front

Polisario Front, Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el Hamra and Rio de Oro is the Sahrawi national liberation movement that fights to end Morocco’s illegal occupation of Western Sahara and achieve the self-determination.

State Coordinator Solidarity Associations With The Sahara

The clashes in Western Sahara , initially in the Saharawi camp of Gdeim Izik , took place on 8 and 9 November 2010 between Moroccan security forces and Sahrawis camped in Gdeim Izik , a desert area about 16 kilometers to the southeast from El Aaiún, capital of Western Sahara.

Our Testimonial

Here is what our volunteers and audience have to say about us.

A great initiative for equality and freedom.

This community is standing up for the right cause.

I fully support the initiatives take by the organization.

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