In this article, I’m going to be talking all about the Sahara desert. The Sahara desert is actually a very large area in Africa. We are all going to be really lucky if we get to visit this beautiful place at least once in our lifetime. It is a huge sandpit that has been famous for millions of years. It is vast and empty indeed. In the 19 century, a lot of people were planning to flood the Sahara desert with seawater so that they can make it to the Sahara Sea. This dessert is not exactly one to be trifled with. It already has its own sea and also it shifts and sings and rambles like any ocean. The Sahara actually grows bigger every single year, because of desertification. The highest temperature in the summer actually reaches around 50°C. It is quite a hostile place for human beings to live in.

Travel Guide To The Sahara

The Sahara desert is actually best experienced with the help of a desert camp. You will be able to sleep next to the sand, with the cool embers of a campfire that are actually quite recommended. The night actually gets quite cold, so I would suggest packing both kinds of clothing. The Sahara desert is not a walk in the park. You need to expect a very long drive to reach the edge of the desert. It is very unlikely that you will find any man-made roads here.

Morocco actually gives you a taste of the desert. The Sahara actually occupies almost 4/5 of the entire country, and it is definitely hard to miss. You should certainly spend more than a week here. You should go as part of a small group and choose one of those tours.

I am sure you are asking yourself if it is safe. The Sahara desert is a very dangerous territory just like Libya where you cannot exactly travel by yourself. You need a guy who knows what he’s doing. There were actually a couple of terrorist attacks in 2015 and that is why it is very recommended that you stay in a safe region along with a small group. Do all of your tours near Morocco.

It’s possible for you to find offers between £975 to even £1100 for a trip that is worth around seven days excluding flights. All of it is going to suit your requirements. You need to let them know if you need any extra help with certain things.

It is recommended that you stay near the Morocco region and also then explore the Sahara desert. Western Sahara is also a great place to visit. There are some very beautiful beaches near Morocco as well.

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